Culture and Values is an interdisciplinary e-quarterly published by the Department of Philosophy at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland. The journal appears  in an internet version only. It publishes texts on the theoretical philosophy, axiology,  ethics, the philosophy of culture, the philosophy of history and other scholarly disciplines, such as, cultural studies, theoretical sociology, history, political science and psychology – examining  from a variety of perspectives the problems of the human being and her cultural-historical determinations. It also presents discussions and reviews from Polish and international publications which relate to these problems. Discussions and comments about the texts published in Culture and Values are included, too. It also provides information about conferences and various academic events relating to the eponymous problems. The journal Culture and Values is currently registered  in the following databases: CEJSH: The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. CEEOL: The Central and Eastern European Online Library. Index Copernicus Journals Master List. Culture and Values is an open access journal. All published texts are available to readers for non-commercial purposes. The readers may, for non-commercial purposes, print or download the published texts (which are available as pdf files) under the stipulation that copyright has been reserved. commercial uses of the journal must be pre-approved by the editorial board. The editors of the quarterly Culture and Values express their grati-tude to all those who have reviewed the texts published in this issue. We would like to inform you that a personal list of the reviewers will be published in the last (December) issue of the periodical; it will include all those who have reviewed texts in 2014. We invite all researchers who would like to deal with the problematic of our quarterly – both scholars and PhD students – to cooperate with us. We accept texts in Polish, English and German. The submission guidelines are available by clicking the appropriate bookmark on our website. The forthcoming issue of Culture and Values will be published in December 2014.