Policy Concerning Ghostwriting

The editorial and review process of Culture and Values seeks to eliminate the dangers of ghostwriting and guest authorship.

By submitting a typescript for publication, the author declares that the submitted text is entirely his or her own work. If the text is the work of several authors, their names as well as the extent of their involvement in the creation of the text have to be explicitly stated.

The editorial board of Culture and Values document any instances of perceived breach of academic standards.

The editorial board of Culture and Values would like it known that, should any instances of breach of academic standards of reliability (including ghostwriting or guest authorship) occur, they will be reported to the author’s home institution.

All typescripts submitted for Culture and Values positively reviewed by the editors subsequently undergo external double-blind peer review.

The editors of Culture and Values abide by the rules of the review process as set out in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s brochure on good review practices (“Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce”) http://www.nauka.gov.pl/fileadmin/user_upload/ministerstwo/Publikacje/20110216_MNISW_broszura_210x210.pdf