Review Process

The quarterly Culture and Values accepts texts which result from research into the history of philosophy (and by analogy, into other scholarly disciplines), as well as texts whose authors formulate their own conceptions – both solving theoretical problems and examining practical problems which emerge from contemporary challenges. Texts should be in Polish, English or German and contain an abstract in English, bibliography plus a list of key words. If a text is in Polish, an abstract in Polish should also be included. Footnotes should be at the bottom of the page and formulated as in the following example: (1) N. Hartmann, Ethik, 4 ed. unchanged, Walter de Gruyter & What., Berlin 1962, p. 25; (2) W. Henckmann, Über Vernunft und Gefühl, [in:] Vernunft und Gefühl. Schelers Phänomenologie des emotionalen Lebens, Ed. Ch. Bermes, H. Henckmann, H. Leonardy, Königshausen & Neumann, Würzburg 2003, pp. 9-24; I. Eberhard, Das philosophische Werk Hans Reiners, „Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung” 1971, vol. 25 , no. 4, pp. 615-618. Texts may not exceed  40,000 signs (1 printed sheet), spaces and notes included, though the editors reserve the right to publish longer texts. The abstract may not exceed 300 words
1. All submitted texts undergo a preliminary review by the editorial board as a first stage.
2. If the outcome of the preliminary review is positive, submissions undergo a double-blind external review. In special cases, a declaration stating the lack of a conflict of interest is required; relations which are considered conflict of interest are direct personal relation between the reviewer and the author of the text being reviewed (in particular, kinship up to the second degree and marriage), reporting relationships, or direct academic cooperation during the two years preceding the year of review. The texts are peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers who are specialists in the relevant field. For texts in English or German, at least one reviewer is a native speaker of the language.
3. The Author is informed of the outcome of the peer review process within three months from the editorial board confirming that the text has passed the internal review and will be peer-reviewed externally.
4. The review form is available at tu wstawić link do angielskiego formularza recenzji
5. The reviews are written and contain an unambiguous recommendation of the reviewer concerning the publication of the text.
6. If the reviewer suggests important revisions, upon which the publication of the text is contingent, the Author should revise the text as directed or alternatively inform the editorial board why he or she is rejecting the suggestions.
7. In the event of a substantial divergence in the conclusions of two reviews, the editorial board may, upon analysing the conclusions, commission another review.
8. A submitted text is published when reviewers conclude that it should be published without revisions or when the Author has revised the text in accordance with the recommendation of the reviewers.
9. A submitted text is not published if (1) it has not been qualified for the review process due to divergence from the thematic profile of the journal; or (2) if it did not pass the preliminary internal review process and thus was not qualified for peer review; or (3) if the recommendation of the reviewers is not to publish; or (4) if the Author has not made major revisions recommended by reviewers.
10. The names of the reviewers of all issues published in each year are published in the last issue of the year and (for each year) in the link do strony z listą recenzentów tab.
11. The editorial board strives to carry out the review process in accordance with the recommendations contained in the document „Dobre obyczaje w nauce” [Best practice in research] and the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
12. Articles submitted for publication in „Culture and Values” should contain: 1) a clearly stated research problem which is addressed in the text; 2) clearly stated research conclusions; 3) a critical discussion of other approaches and solutions to the analysed problem; 4) a statement of what is innovative about the proposed approach compared to existing ones; 5) a clearly defined methodology applied in the course of the article. Apart from the main text, the Author should prepare a summary in Polish and English; a list of key words in Polish and English, and a bibliography in the format accepted by Culture and Values. If possible, the bibliography of secondary sources should contain DOI numbers of the sources cited. During the process of submitting an article or another text, the Author should abide by the instructions on the website through which the text is submitted.

We ask that all submissions be sent exclusively via email to the address of the editorial board or to the adress of the editor-in-chief: For the texts accepted for publication  the publisher of Culture and Values does not pay royalties. By submitting a text to the quarterly Culture and Values, the Author declares that (1) the text is their own work; (2) the text has not already been published; (3) the text has not been sent for publication at a different publishing house.